The Label
NASAJA is the 2024 founded label of producer and electric violinist Seth Schwarz and the singer Lydgen. Their music is characterized by an elegant and passionate fusion of electronic music with classical instruments, vocals, and creative techniques, incorporating experimental and atmospheric elements. Categorizing their music into a specific genre is nearly impossible; it hovers between Organic House, Melodic House, Progressive House, Pop, and Techno. Musical depth and an immersive auditory experience are guaranteed. 
We invite like-minded artists to be part of our music family!
The meaning of NASAJA
Nasaja is a neologism and embodies the profound vision of initiating in a musical renaissance. The word symbolizes the fusion of different art forms into a harmonious and complete work and is also based on the spirit of the Renaissance era. This is a tribute to the universal artists of the Renaissance, such as Leonardo da Vinci, who were humanists of their time - artists, creators and masters of the arts. Nasaja captures the Renaissance ideal of beauty and the life-affirming image of humanity. With this guiding principle, we create music that radiates self-confidence and celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of life.
The Artwork
The artwork of our releases are paintings by the incredibly talented London-based artist Nevine Fathy. Our music brought us together, and her deep connection to it is expressed by her amazing art. It's mostly oil painting on canvas.
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